Increase Your Conversion Rate

Increase Your Conversion Rate

How do we improve our conversions so we can get more customers with the traffic we already have?

Note: The average website conversion rates  is around 2 percent.

For every 100 visitors, you can expect to only get 2 customers. It is a really good conversion rate because many sites only have a 0.1 to 0.2% conversion rate. That takes 1000 visitors to get 1 customer.

You can improve your conversions with the following tips:


1. Add optin popups to your site (we have this, check out the features at )

2. Add testimonials, reviews, and logos (we have this, check out the features at )

3. Add a countdown timer (we have this, check out the features at )

4. Offer a money-back guarantee (yes, we offer30-day money back guarantee)

5. Add live chat to your site

6. Make the initial step really easy





Last updated on: 8 December, 2021