Examples of Social Proof in Action to Show You How It Works

Social Proof Examples 3 minutes read


Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that refers to the tendency for people to look to others for guidance on how to act in a given situation. In marketing and sales, you can use social proof as an effective strategy to help boost your conversion rates by convincing potential customers that your product or service is worth buying.

"Social proof works by making potential customers feel like they’re not alone in buying your product or signing up for your service."

It’s a great technique because it makes people much more likely to take action when they see that other people are also doing it. Social proof has been used for centuries in all kinds of marketing, advertising, and selling situations. You can use social proof anywhere from your website and sales collateral, to advertisements and word-of-mouth testimonials — so keep reading to learn more about how you can implement this proven strategy with the tips we’re going to share below.



Show People How Many Other People Are Using or Purchasing Your Product

One of the most effective ways to use social proof is to show the number of people who have already used or purchased your product or service. This way, potential customers can see right away that there are others like them who have taken action and benefitted from your product. This is why you might see services that let you know how many customers they have, or ecommerce sites that show you how many people have bought a product — it’s all an example of social proof in action. You can use this same technique on your site and in your sales materials. For example, let’s say you sell dog treats. You could include a statement like, “More than 95% of our customers would recommend our dog treats to other pet owners!” This will show your prospective customers that there are many others like them who have benefitted from purchasing your treats.



Show the Benefits and Value of Using Your Product or Service

Another example of social proof is showing the benefits and value of using your product or service. You can do this by sharing statistics, testimonials, or success stories from other customers who have used your product. You could also include research and data that backs up your product or service and its value for customers. You could use this type of social proof in an advertisement or sales message, or even on your product packaging. For example, let’s say you sell eco-friendly cleaning products. You could show the benefits of your product by including a statement like, “Our products are 97% more effective than traditional cleansers!” This would show customers the benefits of your product and how it can help them.



Let Customers See that Others are Actually Using Your Product or Service

Another way to use social proof is to let customers see that others are actually using your product or service. This might include featuring testimonials, case studies, or photos or videos of customers using your product or service. You can do this in a number of ways, including highlighting reviews on your product pages. Or, if you run an online business, you could share customer testimonials throughout your site and on relevant platforms like social media. For example, let’s say you have a food delivery service. You could showcase reviews and testimonials from happy customers on your site, and even repost them on your social media pages. This will show potential customers that others are actually using and benefitting from your product or service.

Last updated on: 12 June, 2022